Eid 2014

For anyone who is friends with, or knows any Muslims then you’ll probably know that they have finished the month of Ramadan in which they take part in fasting.  During this month, food and drink is only to be consumed during sundown hours and fasting takes pace during the day.  This of course seems like utter madness considering it is the middle of summer where the days are longer and we have had a fair few heat waves!  But fear not, Ramadan is over and Eid was celebrated.

For me, Eid is a day of food, family and more food!  Seriously, my family will use any excuse to have a large, lavish feast any time of the year.  Every year, someone will take turns to host Eid at their house and everyone will do their bit of cooking, where some form of roast chicken usually features.
Eid is also a day where everyone will wear new and/or fancy clothes and will make an extra effort to look nice (for photos of course).  I decided to wear an outfit my sister Farah bought for me as an Eid gift last year.  I don’t normally wear this colour pink but I thought it looked really nice with the paisley design.  As luck would have it, the weather was insanely nice with blazing hot sunshine, so it was all well and good that the material of my clothes were quite thin and light!
At one point throughout the day, my aunt braided one half of my head as the fringe I am currently attempting to grow out was becoming bothersome.  I also dug out my Naked 3 palette to take advantage of all the pretty pink colours to match my clothes.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of food, but to compensate, here is a picture of the Amazing Spider-Man bouncy castle that we hired for the day.
And because we’re such big kids, Naz and myself kicked the children off so we could have a go.





After many a selfie on a trampoline, the kids decided to raid it — needless to say, the trampoline broke and Naz and Zuli tumbled into the fallen corner (er, do round trampolines have corners?).


So there we have it. A successful Eid was had by all – involving scoffing a lot of food, a Spider-Man bouncy castle, far too many in the sun selfies and one broken trampoline.
Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrated this year!

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