Super Gorgeous May So Far

I really need to write down some sort of schedule for posting regularly, obviously posting daily is something I am not quite used to yet!
I did have a week where I sort of went AWOL from Instagram due to work commitments but I managed to catch up!
Speaking of which, here is a catch up of the days I have not yet shown you:

Day 4 – On my Wishlist

This Wishlist makes me want to cry because I am trying not to spend any money!  This list consists of the original Naked palette (which I do not own…yet), Benefit’s new cheek and lip tint LolliTint (which is a gorgeous candy orchid colour), Clinique Chubby Stick, Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm, MAC Quad Eyeshadow and finally Sugarbomb.  I must have these!
Day 5 – Something I’m Proud of
The online news blog I started with Elena Cresci back in 2011 – The Siren was so fun to create and I really believe we made something unique compared to other university publications.  It makes me so happy that new generations of students are continuing this baby and winning some awards such as ‘Best Student Media’ at the Guardian Student Media Awards 2012 and ‘Best Student Media’ at the NUS Wales Awards 2014.  So proud!
Day 6 – Purple
I really don’t own that many purple items it seems… I used Buzz from the Naked 3 palette as it has pink/purple tones to it.
Day 7 – Golden Tones


But my Naked 2 Palette has lots of golden tones, yay!
Day 8 – What I’m Reading
I started this book last year (I know) but in my defence it is a very heavy read because it is SO descriptive but that also means you need to be alert when reading it in order to take in all that information at once.
Day 9 – Storage


As my makeup storage is quite poor and not very pretty, I decided to share my clothes and book storage.  Ikea is just wonderful.
Day 10 – Nails of the Day
Spring is here!  And to celebrate, I thought a nice dash of pretty pastels (which I’ve only just realised that they compliment my bedspread) would be just the ticket using 17’s Lasting Fix polishes.
Day 11 – Holy Grail Products
Most moisturisers are too heavy for me and cause breakouts.  I have been using Garnier’s Pure Active moisturiser for years and it is perfect for me.  Vaseline is a staple of mine, especially the Rosy Lips version.  Lush’s Helping Hands Cream is great for my hands but I also use it as an evening face moisturiser before bed.  Garnier’s Pure Active Spot Roll-On is my magic wand in banishing breakouts.  MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown is what I use to fill my brows in with as it’s the perfect colour and lasts all day, I apply this using the 266 brush. (I have Tanya Burr to thank for that!)
Day 12 – Matte Lips


I don’t actually own anything that gives me a proper matte lip, so I faked it using Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint to cheat the look.
Day 13 – Celeb Inspired Look
I don’t have naturally thick eyebrows (*sob*) so what I was going for here was to practise my strong brow look a la Lilly Collins because hers are magnificent.  Again I used MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown although I could invest in a slightly darker shade to achieve the effect better.
Day 14 – Drugstore Favourites


As I can’t afford luxury products by the bucket load, my daily makeup essentials are made up of cheaper alternatives which I think work just as well.  It seems that mousse foundations are a bit like Marmite but I love how Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse looks on my face (as I fear looking glowy or shiny will just make me look greasy). Again Vaseline Rosy Lips is a favourite and you can’t go wrong with it.  My Maybelline Eye Studio Lastinf Drama Gel Liner works just as well as the MAC or Bobbi Brown versions and at a fraction of the price too!  Plus it comes with a cute little liner brush.  I have only just recently started wearing bronzer and it has made such a difference to my face and I look healthy instead of washed out – at the moment I am using Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer.
Day 15 – Throwback Thursday
Me rocking my curls.  I miss those curls.
Day 16 – Current Favourite Eyeshadow
*Sigh* Need I say more!?
Day 17 – Trying for the First Time


After using up all my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (as raved about by Zoella) I thought I would try the recommended (as by Tanya Burr) Collection’s Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer.  I have to say it is not bad (if maybe a tad too light for me even in the darkest shade they do) and a little of this product goes a long way as long as I blend blend blend!
Day 18 – Recent Purchase


As I am trying not to spend money, my recent purchases are not that glamorous.  The penguin I purchased from a gift shop at Longleat Safari Park because I cannot resist buying penguin things.  Penguins are cool.  The next is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which I absolutely love because it smells like chocolate and is amazing as a moisturiser and I feel like I get a lot out of it.
Well that’s about it on this very long catch up (sorry about that!).  But do check out #SuperGorgeousMay on Instagram to see what everyone is posting as part of the daily challenges 🙂

Super Gorgeous May – Day 2 and 3

Day 2 – Eyes

As I didn’t actually manage to blog about day 2’s challenge yesterday (let’s just say there was a red velvet baking incident) I have decided to combine it with today’s post.
Yesterday’s photo challenge was ‘Eyes’ so I thought I would show my every day eye look.  I’m not really one for using colour on my eyes because I have really heavy, bad a** dark circles.  Instead I prefer doing nude looks as I think they help brighten my eyes and make them pop better.
I absolutely love love love Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette for creating nude eye looks.  The colours are really pigmented and I find that the shadow can last all day, which of course is really good!
I always start by using the colour Strange as a base by sweeping it all over my lid and up to my brow bone.  By doing this, it helps other colours to show better when applied on top.  I then use Burnout over my lid and really blending in it, the colour is a pale slightly shimmery pink which I think helps compliment my skin tone.  I then blend the colour Trick on the outer corner of my lid to give it a bit of extra oomph!  To finish, I use my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (such a mouthful!) and I like to create a thick line with a flick.  I top it off my applying two coats of my new favourite mascara from Maybelline – The Falsies on my lashes.  If you don’t already know, makeup guru Tanya Burr always raves about this mascara in her tutorials and I have to say, since I bought it I haven’t looked back!  I have quite naturally long lashes anyway and this really enhances then a step further.
Day 3 – Orange
As you have already read (and seen) I am not one to wear much colour and this includes clothes as well as eye makeup.  I don’t know why but I am always drawn to black, blue, greys and nudes in my wardrobe.  I did however remember that I had a wicked orange jumper bought for me as a gift from Gap.  It’s actually a really nice jumper and can be worn with lots of things.


For the photo challenge for today, I decided to team this with my denim skirt from Pull & Bear as I thought they looked quite cute together.  I did notice from the Super Gorgeous Matly hashtag on Instagram that a lot of people were simply focusing on makeup for the photo challenges, so I wanted to incorporate fashion in there as well.
Of course, I did my face as well!  This time I used my Naked 2 palette starting with the colour Foxy all over my lid and up to my brow bone to create a base.  Then I swept Chooper over my lid because it has a slight golden/metallic orangey colour to it.  I then blended a. It of Snakebite to to my outer corners to give it some depth.  As usual I finished it off with my trust Maybelline gel liner and The Falsies mascara.  In aid of the ornate theme for the day, I also used a bit of Benefit’s Cha-Cha Tint on my cheeks and lips to complete the look.
So far, I am quite enjoying Super Gorgeous May and it’s lovely to see all the different interpretations of the challenges every day and it’s given me some good ideas that I would like to try 🙂

Super Gorgeous May – Day 1

I have decided to start doing a photo a day challenge called #SuperGorgeousMay which I have seen a lot of people participate in last month including my friend Rachel and it looked like a lot of fun so I thought I would join in and have a go!

Instagram user @SuperGoreous has posted the following photo a day challenges on her account.  These are the challenges for this month:


I will attempt the different challenges throughout the month of May on my Instagram account (@ubersupersam) but I will also try to blog about my photo a day each day if I can!

So let’s get to it!  Today’s challenge was to capture something that had ‘pretty packaging’.  A lot of people have been taking snaps of something makeup related so I thought I would do the same (after all it’s called ‘Super Gorgeous May’ isn’t it?).
I really love creating nude looks on my eyes as I don’t think colour suits my skin tone very much as I have really dark circles.  Urban Decay’s Naked range is amazing (in my opinion), the shadows are really pigmented and the colours are so pretty.  Even though they are nude colours I really think they help make my eyes pop and I find that it last all day!  I do love the packaging on the Naked 3 palette the best – it kind of reminds me of melting chocolate or silk.  I have always been a fan of Benefit and I love their little kit boxes you can buy as they have small samples of lots of different products that compliment each other and work together.  This is especially great if you don’t want to spend lots of money on just one product that you won’t use very often and instead can have a little bit of everything and they are the perfect size to pop in your bag!  The other thing I love about these little kit boxes is that because the packaging is so pretty, after you have finished with the products you can re-use them as keepsake boxes.  I just love the cute vintage feel you get from the Benefit range, I always want to buy something from the counter whenever I walk past because everything looks so tempting!


As today’s challenge was simply to do with packaging I have tried not to go into too much detail about the actual product themselves (but maybe I can do some posts in the future on those).
People mentioned in today’s post:
You can check out Rachel’s Instagram account on @rsgrey to see what she did for Super Gorgeous April and her blog
#SuperGorgeousMay is brought to you by @SuperGorgeous as mentioned earlier.  If you want to give it a go, do check out the hashtag and get snapping!

"That is SO fetch!" – Happy 10th Anniversary Mean Girls!

If you don’t know what “fetch” is then STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IMMEDIATELY.  Instead, I urge you to go out and purchase or borrow a copy of Mean Girls from a friend, teacher, boyfriend (trust me, someone is bound to have it), change into some pyjamas, get some popcorn and brace yourself for whole load of fetch coming your way.
I feel quite old knowing that the hit film is in its 10th year and as fate would have it, the anniversary so happens to fall on a Wednesday.  Anyone who has seen the film hundreds of times knows that it is one of the most quotable films…EVER.
This is definitely one of my favourite films that I can watch over and over and still find it funny.  I think the casting was perfect (yes, even Lindsay Lohan) and it is one of those films that I think will always be relatable no matter how much the world may change.  One thing I have yet to do is to read the book on which the film is largely based on.  Called “Queen Bees and Wannabes”, it looks at the way high school cliques are formed as well as aggressive teenage behaviours and how to deal with such issues.
As a little tribute, here is me celebrating Mean Girls’ 10th Anniversary…
“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”
What are your favourite quotes from the film… are they SO fetch?

RAWR! (Bank Holiday weekend at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park)

Yesterday was my niece Nina’s Birthday so we decided to go to Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.  Though I think I have been there once in my childhood, I certainly don’t have any memories of going there.
Saturday really was a lovely and sunny day to start with but as we got further to Longleat (situated 45 minutes outside of Bath) the weather grew a little colder and cloudier which was a bit of a shame.  Due to the Easter holidays this meant that every man, woman and child had also up and left their nests early in the morning to go and explore the Great British outdoors.  Unfortunately for us that meant the queues when we had arrived at the Safari Park were overflowing like no tomorrow!
We had four cars full of people and as usual we had to park up on some grassy knoll near the African Village and wait for them.  Apart from the fact that we were eating out cars, it was actually not a bad picnic spot and there was plenty of scrummy food to go around (and lots of snacks too!).  Once the final car had turned up and we had a chance to chow down, we went on our way into the Safari.
There was an immense amount of traffic through the park that stretched for miles on end.  This also meant that the line was slow moving and I don’t think I touched third gear the whole time I was in there.  As you can imagine, the hold up wasn’t helped by the fact that cars would want to stop and take pictures of all the animals they could find, my car included!
One of the best areas of any Safari drive would have to be the Monkey Drive Thru!  Though, you are warned prior to entering the area that not only do the monkeys climb on the cars but that they will cause some sort of damage.  Of course, this didn’t put anybody off.  My little sister and cousin were quite disappointed that no monkeys wanted to climb on my car (maybe they have a thing against Nissan Micras?) but I did get some great shots otherwise.  Can you spot the monkey in the first picture?



I always find it quite cool to see exotic animals just roaming about minding their own business, and though safety is imperative you can see that the animals are so used to seeing humans and cars that it has become the norm for them to be ogled at.


The longest of the queuing was spent in the Big Cats section.  Everyone wants to see a big, beautiful and powerful animal in the flesh.  Of course you are warned that you are strictly not allowed to open your windows or get out of your cars (though some people did sneakily open their windows) because tigers, lions and cheetahs are dangerous and unpredictable.


The thing I was the most excited to see was the penguins!  They are by far my most favourite animal.  They are awesome!  When I found out you were allowed to feed them we went and inquired but they had run out of fish to sell us!  How could they run out!?  I was almost tempted to kidnap a penguin… But don’t worry, I didn’t!  Pretty sure that’s a felony (please don’t go kidnapping penguins!).






Little yellow trains can be rickety too!


Shameless “outside the dodgy toilet” selfie.


Beware, big cats can be dangerous – RAWR!


And finally, Madame Butterfly (who looks a tad moody because she was tired out) on her Birthday.


Did you guys do anything fun this Bank Holiday weekend? 🙂

A Big Fat Asian Wedding

If you’re Asian you know that an invitation to someone’s wedding means one thing:
And that is exactly what my family and myself have been doing these last few weekends is preparing everything from travel arrangements to what we would be wearing.  I had gone to Birmingham to get my outfit – this style is called a Churidar (usually a long dress accompanied with skinny trousers).  I had purchased my outfit from a shop on Soho Road called Jia Creations Designer Wear and though it was a tad expensive, I really loved the colour and the design of the embroidery and jewels.  What you see here is how it came in the shop – unfitted and minus some sleeves.
The actual wedding was at Fennes Manor House, Essex and I have just noticed that I did not take a single picture of the front of the Manor as parking was situated at the back by the barns.  Being that there were twenty-seven of us (kids included) from Cardiff, we had booked nine rooms at the closest Holiday Inn Express that had availability.  I was one of the drivers and my poor little Nisssan Micra had to deal with the extra weight and I often found myself whispering to it and willing it to move up hills!  I wouldn’t say that I am normally a nervous driver, I just have this thing where if I haven’t been to a certain place before I need all the help and concentration I can muster – having an integrated satnav helps but being able to hear the satnav lady also helps!  I was a bit of a grumpy driver on the way I’ll admit but we made it there in one piece!
I love that feeling when you finally arrive at your destination after such a long journey and you see something cosy that you want to fall face down onto.  After collection ALL the stuff from our cars (clothes, food bags, rubbish, handbags) and checked in, stuff was then dumped into the rooms and I face-planted a pillow.
The rest of the evening consisted of sorting out everything that was needed for the next day as we had to check out as well.  Of course everyone also did a quick job of painting their nails to match their clothes, I didn’t have quite the right colour gold but I was knackered and it was close enough!.
The next morning, after (little, on my part) sleep there was the usual scramble to use the shower/hairdryer/straighteners/mirrors – you can imagine how long it takes the average girl to get ready but when you have at least 3+ sharing a room you can imagine the madness.  Myself and N2 had been nominated to do what seemed like everybody’s makeup.  I had a queue of the younger girls who wanted sparkly eyes and little cat flicks and N2 had a queue of the mothers.  I brought my Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 palettes as I do more nude looks and N1 and N2 brought their Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette which consists of a lot more intense colours.  I think I was one of the last ones to finish getting ready after all that!
The wedding itself was a segregated wedding, which I have to say I haven’t actually been to before so it was an interesting experience.  The manor was quaint and had that old vintage charm to it and the two halls were cordoned off with a separate walkway for the ladies to get to their hall.  I am a sucker for fairy lights and candles and this wedding wasn’t short of any!  The best thing about coming to the wedding was seeing my sister and nephews and seeing how much they’ve grown and seeing them in their adorable clothes – how can you not love a kid in a little suit?


The Three Musketeers
Dad and Isa
Isa – AKA “00 Dangerous”
Mum and Myself
My Niece and Me
Baby Nuh and his chubbly cheeks
Farah, Myself and Isa
Zara, Granny and Myself
Nina and Myself
The Bride and Myself
As you can see, there were a fair amount of selfies taken at this wedding – but what I found is that when a wedding is segregated there’s not an awful lot to see in what I’ve become used to at other Asian weddings I’ve been to.  I have another wedding to attend in May which I am quite excited about because it will be the first non-Asian wedding I have ever been to (ok so it’s just the reception, but still!) and I need to start finding a nice non-Asian dress to wear (YAY!).
What has been the most interesting wedding you have been to and why?

When in Caerphilly

I always like to have a bit of an explore but I find that I don’t get many chances these days to do so.  I feel somewhat ashamed that, apart from in my childhood I have never really explored any surrounding areas around Cardiff properly.
I really am a big nerd and love walking around historical sites and museums so was excited when I finally got to have a look around Caerphilly Castle and let me tell you, it is bigger than I thought!  I had a local tour guide show me around – my best pal Nathan.  My sense of direction is quite awful so it was just as well he was there otherwise I might not have made it back!  From this shot you really can’t tell just how big the place is but as you can see it was a lovely day if not a tad muddy (I really should have worn my wellies).
Nathan @ Caerphilly Castle
When you look at an aerial shot you can get a better idea of it’s true size – making it the largest castle in Wales.
Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle and grounds
As it was numbingly cold I attempted to take as many pictures as I could so it was just as well that I had my nifty smart phone compatible gloves with me as I think otherwise, my fingers may have fallen off from frostbite.  I have to say that as awesome as it all was walking around and looking at the ruins, I wish there was more… stuff.  Stuff like more plaques with information to read about certain areas or what certain rooms might have been used for, or even having items and objects displayed in those rooms as all of them were bare.
Taking sneaky shots of my tour guide
Wooden carving “holding up” the leaning tower
The bareness of the Castle was beginning to get to him…
When we got to the Great Hall we were greeted by a man who referred to us as “Sire” and “Lady” (I am definitely no Lady) and just before he went on his break he told us that that they were doing talks about castle life for all the school children visiting for the day but had covered up the tables of pretend food so that no one nicked anything.  Nathan mentioned that usually there were various shields and armour displayed in the Hall but all that remained were some flags and a few tables.
The Great Hall was by far the prettiest of rooms and have found that quite a few people have hired this as a wedding reception venue which I thought was quite lovely – the room has a lovely sort of rustic look if you’re into that sort of thing.
Great Hall ceiling
A quick photo before masses of school children turn up
There were various statues and models of some things such as how the castle defences would work, complete with sound effects.
I did spend most of the day playing photographer as I had just gotten my new iPhone 5s as a birthday present, so was excited to play around with different shots as I was wandering about – I have to say I am quite impressed with the quality of pictures.
I am quite nerdy when it comes to taking photos of ruin – I guess I just fancy myself as a bit of a photographer sometimes (I must get it from my dad) – you can see that I got quite into it and I’m sure Nathan was shaking his head at me when I wasn’t looking!
What I found quite interesting was that, as many times as the castle came under siege, it was never once taken – meaning it had one bad ass defence system in place!  Some of the castle was cordoned off for safety reasons but it really made me want to climb on all the rocks even more and pretend I was Indiana Jones.
Speaking of bad ass defence systems… the picture doesn’t do it justice really as the trebuchet was HUGE and probably works to this day.  I’m sure it could still do plenty of damage.
I believe this was called the Ballista, I might be making that up but it was basically a massive sort of crossbow and is quite heavy to operate.  At this point whilst we were checking it out, a gaggle of small school children turned up and joined us and blocked us in.  They kept attempting to lift the weapon and move it around, which, fair play to them they actually managed to do between five of them.  The teacher who was with them kept apologising to us and then made a side remark that watching and listening to the kids was actually hilarious – he wasn’t wrong.  Instantly, these kids and their amazing imaginations were pretending they were part of a siege and began “loading and firing” the weapon and trying to take down the castle and barking orders at each other.  Eventually we managed to escape with good timing as we had spotted a kid that was the spitting image of the character of Russell from ‘Up’ (except he was ginger) and Nathan could not stop giggling every time he caught sight of this kid.
Ballista… I think!
I guess maybe the castle is a little more bare in the winter months because of the weather perhaps, so it might be worth re-visiting in the summer when the warmer weather returns and we remember to take a packed lunch with us – by the time we were done I was cold, sniffly and starving!  But it was a good day out with my best pal in any case – I should learn to get out and explore more!

The Nose

Well it’s official.  I suck at this whole blogging thing.  It’s really not my fault, I always find myself being too busy to remember to tell the blogosphere about it.  I will try to redeem myself by telling you about the horror I have endured this week, but before I do that I will need to fill you in a bit first.
Last August I had undergone a septoplasty on the NHS in order to correct my breathing problem as my nasal passage was quite rubbish and I had a deviated septum.  At the time I was still very unsure about what happens during a septoplasty, what gets taken out etc. so I was very nervous as it was my first ever “major” surgery under general anaesthetic.  The surgery took 45 minutes where I believe my left nasal passage was made a little wider and a section of cartilage was removed from the septum.  I have honestly tried to block out most of what happened over the next three weeks of my recovery as it was all very horrific.  I had what felt like two miles of packing shoved in my nose, which, when taken out, was the most… awful feeling I have ever felt – a horrid dragging sensation is the only way I can describe it.  Following discharge from the hospital and having the packing removed my nose remained quite swollen and blocked.  On top of that I had a swollen throat on the brink of tonsillitis (which wasn’t the greatest, as it was my only breathing hole).  I had steadily worsened and lost my appetite due to constant nausea and vomiting – which in the end was due to the bout of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories I was given which had well and truly destroyed my stomach.  Nevertheless, it turned out that after all that the surgery actually made my nose worse – it has collapsed and completely blocked my left nasal passage.  I also had severe recurring sinusitis which meant that it felt like I had a constant cold and/or hay fever so my nose was forever blocked.
Thankfully, my medical insurance with the company I was waiting for had kicked in so I stopped beating around the bush and decided to be seen privately.  I was referred to the best surgeon in the area (Dr. Huw Williams) who also has a background in ENT – things were already looking up.  Not only that but he was the same surgeon who had done an open septo-rhinoplasty on my eldest cousin as well as some work on a colleague of mine – and on top of that, research I have done on the good doctor shows up no red flags whatsoever, only amazing feedback.
I have to say, that after countless consultations with the man, every time I left I felt more and more positive about the upcoming surgery – he knew exactly what he was talking about from an internal and external point of view.
On Monday 17th February I was scheduled into Spire for my operation and I was nervous as hell – what if something went wrong?  What if he forgets to do something vital?  What if I’m horrifically ill again?  The next thing I knew it was post-surgery and I was waking up.  I felt blurry, bruised and battered.  I didn’t have a pack up my nose (YES) but that meant any bleeding had been swallowed in my sleep and so after a few up-chucks I had more or less expelled it all (it was not pretty and seeing yourself throw up blood is quite frightening).  This time I was given some different antibiotics but as it turns out, it seems that any sort of antibiotic hates my guts – and I mean that literally.  It meant that anything I tried to eat couldn’t be kept down, so I stopped taking them and just kept on with my course of painkillers.  I am a bit funny about being seen not at my best but here goes…
In case you were wondering why I have a bandage around my head in the picture above, I had to have some cartilage harvested from my right ear as the previous surgery left me without enough vital cartilage to use.  At this point, I didn’t look too rough apart from from some majorly swollen lips a la Angelina Jolie.  However as the days went by the black eyes started to develop:
Black eyes starting to develop
As well as feeling like my ear was surgically removed and sewn back on (seriously, it’s the weirdest feeling) I also was not allowed to get the splint on my nose wet at all – meaning I could not shower – well, not my head anyway:
Sew lush
Mind you for the first few days I had absolutely no intention of showering due to the immense pain I was in and the fact I was feeling so unbelievably rough and being sick for most of the time.  Other than that, I was starting to look like a chipmunk from the swelling – I looked like Alvin, Theodore AND Simon combined, who had all been in a fight:
Chipmunk cheeks
I had sutures on the tip of my nose – having had an open surgery, the nose was cut on the tip and everything was lifted so the doctor could work on the insides and then once he had finished, it was sewn back together.  I have to admit, and I probably sound like a wuss but when you’re having to constantly dab your nose where there are also sutures just plain old sodding hurts like a bitch:
Swollen sutures
 Finally, yesterday on the 25th February I had my splint taken off.  I was excited to see what my nose looked like, my black eyes had almost gone and I managed to clean my face with a flannel and hot soapy water.
Ready for the splint removal – looking fabulous.
“You don’t sweat much do you?” said Dr. Williams as he attempted to prise the splint off in stages with a metal pin, the bastard thing was stuck down quite fast.  The moment 99% of it was almost removed, he pulled the rest of it off and that remaining 1% hurt so much that I couldn’t help screaming “AAAARGGHH SWEET CRAP!” – I immediately apologised and he laughed and said it was alright.  When I had a look in the mirror, the shape of the splint had cause my nose to look slightly angular and did look fairly amusing, I’m just sorry I didn’t take a photo.  Admittedly, for anyone who doesn’t know, but I always had a slight issue with my nose, it was never straight, had a funky bump near the top and a hooked appearance – of course I just lived with it, I could never justify paying that much money for cosmetic surgery.  So of course, the fact that I needed my nose fixed for breathing purposes meant that the appearance could also be changed.  I was clear with Dr. Williams that I didn’t want anything drastic and that first and foremost I would just like to be able to breath again – he completely understood and told me that when he was done with my nose it should be straight and I will be able to breath again.  He is not one for drastic, crazy cosmetic changes that don’t suit the patient.  So even though my nose is still fat from the swelling, I was speechless – there was my new nose and it was straight.
Swollen but straighter
As you can see, he has taken out the hooked appearance and shaved down the bump – it could be down to the face that I am not wearing makeup in the second shot and having lost a bit of weight in the last week perhaps but the appearance of my face seems to appear smaller as well:
Profile 1
Profile 2
Good lord I look rough in the second shot (amazing what makeup can do to a girl’s face eh!)  I can definitely see the changes from how my nose looked before – you can see the bend in my nose where my nose collapsed to the left and blocked my left nasal passage and that my tip was long and my nose was quite pinched and thin – therefore forcing me to have quite a restricted airway.  I guess my nose in the second is obviously still quite swollen at the moment, and it does still look ever so slightly bent, but there is actually quite a bit of swelling in my left side at the moment so I think that might have something to do with it, however the appearance is starting to look a lot better each day.  It was explained to me that because cartilage is in a way like memory foam, because I had such a severe bend in my cartilage from day one, it was possible that my nose may ever so slightly bend back – but honestly I think I can live with a little bend.
Front view

Getting Older

Last night I realised that I was getting older due to the following occurrences.  Firstly, I was invited out for a friend’s leaving do which started at about 7pm.  By the time I had picked up another friend and arrived in town it was about 7:30pm – I was already tired.  Not a good start.  Secondly, I had no idea who, what or where Porter’s was and had to find it on Google Maps because my social life dwindled a couple of years ago when I got my first real job.  Ugh.  The third occurrence was that the music in the bar was so incredibly loud that I found myself having to shout to the people next to me and was genuinely straining to hear the replied conversation, and I was probably making that face that seniors do when they are straining to hear – attractive!  Lastly, the conversation with my friend Josh was that he said he felt old and he “isn’t even twenty-three yet” – this made me want to cry and hit him in his baby face because it means that he is still twenty-two and young whereas my twenty-fifth birthday is looming and I am starting to look really blegh.  In the end, we stayed for about two hours
Oh god.  I’m going to be a quarter of a century old.  Oh god.
Sounds even more awful if I put it like that.  I have been trying to think about the pros of getting older, such as it’s quite an important birthday milestone, and I might get some very nice presents (fingers crossed) but the, all of the cons just keep piling up like a huge and depressing “still-have-to-do” list.  For example I have yet to go travelling, I still haven’t been to a music festival (I know) plus I still haven’t figured out what I want to achieve from life – which is just wonderful.  But I guess what I need to take from this is that this should give me a huge kick up the bum and make me get a move on with these sorts of things before all opportunity passes me by.
And on that note, I am going to read a nice book… well, actually it’s a comic book about Neuroscience and it’s pretty cool (if you’re into that sort of nerdy business)

Funny Little Boy

My eldest sister has been visiting this week with her son Isa (pronounced E-sa).  She could fool anyone that she is also quite heavily pregnant and due to give birth at the end of this month because she can still move about quickly, has no issues in bending down to the floor and can still chase after Isa.

He’s only just learnt to walk and though quite wobbly, he’s damn fast.  He is also in that stage where everything he sees or picks up needs to be inspected via his mouth first, and not only that but he is teething and the dribble is everywhere…EVERYWHERE.  But aside from all that, he’s so freaking cute!  I have been trying to teach him to say “Sam” but he hasn’t quite grasped it and instead says something like “Mem”, so I take that as being close enough for now.
Today he has “inspected” the following:
  • Apple iPhone
  • My leggings
  • Farah’s dress
  • Macbook
  • Television Remote
  • Television
  • Farah’s hair
  • Hot water bottle
There might have been more, but I probably wasn’t looking.
Since my sister got married a few years ago and up and moved to London, I don’t get to see her as much as I would like, therefore I always cherish the times when I do see her and my nephew, and it’s extra wonderful because at least I got to see in the new year with them.
Bets have already started within the family as to what she will have next (even my sister doesn’t know) so it will be one big surprise.  I reckon she’ll have another boy – she churns out cute kids no?
Farah & Isa
I would write more, but I suddenly have an immense craving to have some more pasta.  Until next time!
Farah, Me & Isa