In Which I Drive a Mobile Glee Club

So my 17 year old sister asks me late the other night if I could take her and her friends to Swansea to film something called “Hunky Dory” (apparently coming to cinemas soon), of course I agree as I miss Swansea and thought I’d at least get out of the house for a bit and check up on my Masters info… I didn’t obviously get round to the latter.

Me and Len have a new “thing”… talk about random shizz until the early hours of the unsociable morning, so after that it’s 5.30am and I had to get up and get ready in order to drive to Barry to pick her friends up first and THEN drive to Swansea to make it there for 8.  Probably one of the most interesting and loudest morning drives I have ever undertaken. Zara and her three friends Paige, James and Jack are theatre boffs like her and they can all sing… very well.  Blasting Glee tunes out of my car and out onto the open M4 sure kept me awake, what with some very strong singers belting along! These guys are so grateful that they try to pay me petrol money to thank me afterwards. I declined. I’m too nice.

Sure enough when I picked them up, my sister looked less than pleased. Apparently 12 hours of filming gets you £25 and no lunch… all for one major scene in which the 300 extras fill an assembly hall. The direction they were given? “Look bored”. No problem, these guys have had years of practice not listening in assembly. My sister didn’t want to discuss the rest and demanded I take them to McDonalds (that place seems to crop up a bit) And because I refused to take the petrol money, James insisted that he pay for my meal. What a sweetheart 🙂

I take them home back to Barry making sure I take them straight to their front doors instead of just chucking them out. I believe I forgot to mention that the morning’s topic of conversation included a screwdriver-wielding-stabbing maniac who will (I hope) end up going to jail. Where was he from? Why Barry of course!

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