Scott Pilgrim is…

How I wish my life to be. Seriously, I could make some quick cash defeating my enemies every other day! I cannot have been more excited watching this colourful-explosion-taking-me-back-to-my-childhood film! I really must check out the graphic novels as they must be epic. I am such a geek honestly, but the best thing was watching it with someone who appreciated all the little in jokes and splices of music from things such as Zelda just as much I did 🙂 So thank you Len! There’s nothing worse than seeing a film with someone who talks too much/texts/eats too loud during a film…
Len is fast becoming my new film buddy, wonder what we’ll see next! Hopefully she hasn’t purchased a giant hammer yet, God knows if she’ll attempt the whole turning people into coins attack during Karate tonight!
I also bought some Lush items today… and you know what, my skin has never felt so pampered! I didn’t go quite as far as Len on the spending (you know how much you spent AND after discount tut tut!) I will continue using these new products in the vain hope that my genetic dark circles will slowly but surely fade and I will look a little bit more normal and not so freakin’ tired and drug-faced all the time!

2 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim is…

  1. I spent so much. Oh the shame. Worth it though because of how freaking awesome I smell! I think I'm properly addicted to my perfume.

    Yay film buddies ❤ let's go see MOAR FILMS


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