In Which I Try Again

Well it is New Years Eve and here I am once more, ready to try again.  I haven’t written or done any form of blogging for so long that I think I may have lost my knack for it.  I almost feel that I have wasted my degrees by not continuing with my writing as religiously as I should have.  So now that 2014 looms, I have decided to re-boot this old, crappy blog.  Honestly, the only thing I have been proud of was starting the now well-known and successful The Siren blog with Elena Cresci when I was studying for my Masters in Swansea University, and I absolutely love that it has grown so much and is being passed on to new generations of would-be writers and journalists studying at Swansea for a taste of something that is fun, creative and innovative.

I haven’t the foggiest what it is I’ll be writing about, but rest assured it will be boring as hell and I apologise in advance for sending you to sleep!  I will also at some point sort out a new look for this blog as well as invest in a proper domain name, because I can’t be having “blogger” at the end of the address now can I?


  • I will aim to take a picture of something every single day for the next year using one of the cameras I have invested in (a few months ago I was silly and bought a Diana Mini camera without real thought to where I will get them processed and how costly 35mm film was to buy – oops).
  • Keep up with this blog and make it look and sound decent.
  • Figure out what I will write on this blog (probably everything).
  • Start my writing again and enter some competitions as well as write some reviews.
  • Finally sort out every last bit of junk from this room.
  • Go on a proper holiday.

I think that should keep me busy for now.  And on that note, I hope that 2013 will go out with a bang and that 2014 brings you sunshine, rainbows and unicorns…and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles!

And just for good measure, here is me dressed as a stocking filler…er, in a stocking.

Stocking costume designed and handmade by my talented mother and aunt

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