In Which I’m Still Alive

Right… so firstly I am alive and it has been some time since I’ve posted anything!
Looking at my last post in which I swear a lot about my BlackBerry I can’t but help feel a little sad about it.  A few weeks ago I had my BlackBerry nicked on the run up to the Christmas season, then I had a second phone taken which was my back up!  Not only that but my camera had gone mysteriously missing, it was on its way out anyway but still,  and furthermore our house was burgled…TWICE.  AND some idiot drove into my car when I picked up Len from the station.
The Burglary: Me and housemate Maggie were upstairs getting on with work when all of a sudden we hear Chris shouting “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE, I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!” so being extremely confused we came out of our rooms to find the front door wide open…I go down the stairs and stick my head out of the door to find Chris on the phone to the Police with a rather large umbrella in hand.
Suffice to say both robbers had been caught – in a way… I suppose you could say we’re helping catch these idiots.
T-Mobile… I hate them so much.  It’s taken them over three weeks to send me a claims form after two phone calls I had made… I JUST WANT A BLACKBERRY BACK!  I don’t understand the point of this claims form, I had given them all the details on the phone, couldn’t they have just sent me one!?  And what made it worse was that two weeks after mine got nicked, my friend’s BlackBerry had gotten nicked and he had a new phone TWO days later! He’s with O2… sigh.
And to top it off… my laptop finally kicked the bucket.  Yes I cried.
A friend asked me how I was still smiling – because I still have good friends to surround myself with.  After the death of the laptop Chris took me for a free painting lesson at (don’t judge) Games Workshop – what a darling 🙂
Oh and before I forget Maggie (who is Canadian) had opened the door to the Police, had a brief conversation with them before asking, “Wait, are you the Police?” – they had come over to ask about the guy (who we call Yomi) who had lived in our house previously, apparently he is on the run because of credit card fraud… Wonderful. THEN someone from the Council came and questioned about another person who used to live in the house… he’s being done for tax invasion! Jeeeeeez!

Also we’ve has several problems with the house because our landlord is rubbish – mould, an open drain in the kitchen, our windows not shutting properly, leaks etc etc etc… Rant over.

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