In Which There Is A Surprise Motorway

Len is a special driver. I mean SPECIAL. She offered to drive me up as she had to go and sign her contract and pick up her keys to her new flat. MY GOD her landlords are ANAL. I’ve never seen another landlord go through the inventory list and thorough as they have. They explained how to clean stuff, when to take rubbish out, not to be anti-social etc. They even have a neighbour who “talks”, her name is Betty. It’s like the Landlord Mafia with moles everywhere to keep an eye on business. Creepy.
So after what seemed like the entire morning, Len and myself indulged in a bit of charity shopping in which Len found some awesome buys to refashion for her Self Stitched September issue. We also founded a “communal jumper” that I unearthed from underneath the mass of the unwanted. If you take a look at Len’s blog, you will see her posing and looking pretty in her SSS clothes and the god-awful one of me, thumbs up, cheesy grin and no makeup. Ugh. I told Len that the picture isn’t half bad, it could be worse, I could be hideous.
Also a big congratulations to Len on getting her review on Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World published on, it’s a great review, mainly because the film was awesome and that Len understood all of the Geek references! Check it out innit 🙂
By the way as I write, my face is full of Lush’s “Love Lettuce”. It is freakin’ awesome.
Ramadaaning is almost over and I get to go back to Swansea and do my Masters and catch up with the people who left me to go to Germany, France and America. It should be a great year filled with many a fun memory along with my 50,000 word dissertation (zoinks!) and let’s not forget all the 21 + 1 parties that we couldn’t attend for various reasons. Magic.

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