In Which I Call My BlackBerry Many Profanities

Is usually how I begin my conversation with my BlackBerry. Now don’t get me wrong, my BlackBerry is my LIFE. But I swear to Allah it pisses me off. Sometimes my BlackBerry Messenger* (*forward note: is from now on referred to as BBM) doesn’t want to work. I like to think of my BB as a small child. A petulant one which sometimes deletes the person I am talking to. Now I know how my own mother feels! It could be the other sides’ BB as well, as BB’s are not famed for their battery life or their ability to work properly because of the amount of energy it needs to stay running and work smoothly. I have a BB Storm 2, which if you know is a touch screen that almost feels as though you’re pressing buttons, which is something I love. It looks so snazzy. I hate you so much BB.
Len messaged me earlier saying that she’s featured so much in my blogs that she needs her own category. It’s true, I obviously don’t have much to talk about and she’s rather interesting to mention as she’s either doing something cool or something extra special.
In IKEA we have mushroom lamps… ok it’s just orange with clouds but we can look past that:
For all those Mario Fans 🙂
I sent it to Len to prove that such a thing exists and she sent this back to show her appreciation:
A squinty-moody model! I’m not allowed to apply as I’m far too happy to be their staff according to Len!
Look at his face… does it make you want to giggle. I mean, he is FIT.
I’m having to re-install BBM… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

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